Customer Testimonials
Love our whole house water purification system. To get fresh
clean water right out of the faucet is AWESOME! You can let it
sit for hours and will still taste just as good. Only need small
amounts of detergent, soap, or shampoo when you begin with
 'clean' water. The service has been excellent…and to see what
the filters are cleaning out of the water and pipes….omg!
You don't know what you are missing until you have a system….
won't ever be without one!
Larry & Becky
I like my water system very much.  The water tastes great!
I wouldn't do without it.
Patsy H.
Derek is great at what he does.  He offers a superior product at great price.  I live over 250 miles away and he made the trip when I needed him to and without any huge fuel charges.  He customizes his systems to your water type so that they are more effective and last longer. Everyone that tastes our water comments on how great it is and that is something with how horrible San Angelo water smells and tastes. I will never use anyone but Hill Country h2o.
Jeff - San Angelo, TX

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