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Brita® PRO Whole Home Filters address water quality issues such as iron, sediment, acidity, taste, and odor. 



  1. Reduces Chlorine, Chloramines or particulates

  2. Neutralizes corrosiveness protecting
    – fixtures, pipes and applicances

  3. Natural oxidation removing iron & manganese

  4. Backlit LED display
    – 4 line/80 character touch pad screen

  5. IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 44 Certified


Our Platinum Softener records the water used in your home every day and builds a profile of the last 4 weeks. This allows the softener to anticipate your needs, reserving the right amount for each day of the week. As a result, your Brita® PRO will run more cost effectively while at the same time making sure you have plenty of soft water.

Our Platinum Systems also include:

  1. Automatic system flush: this “vacation mode” freshens the tank and plumbing system if you’re away from home for 7 days. This prevents bacteria growth and is a great way to preserve the life of the filter bed.

  2. Emergency regeneration: if you have a spike in water usage, the system will automatically perform a quick 20-minute recharge to restore up to 33% system capacity, keeping you in soft water until a complete regeneration that night.

  3. Soft water brine tank refill: why fill your brine tank with raw, untreated water? Our Brita® PRO Platinum conserves capacity and keeps the tank cleaner by refilling with soft water.

Example of Residential Installation:

BritaPro water filtration system